We at Commit Trader believe that publishing guest posts on our blog will help you get inbound links and traffic for your own blog. Guest blogging is a very powerful way to gain exposure and introduce your Blog and yourself to our growing community. Write For Us on Commit Trader

If you would like to take us up on this opportunity, and you can blog about SEO, Marketing, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, adobe tutorials, and photography, then you are welcome to guest post as much as you want. Image Source: Typewriter

How to guest post on Commit Trader?

Contact us and tell us your username, and your web site

We will review your website, create and upgrade your account so you can write for the blog

Create your bio, with no more than two links, no affiliates

You must have an Gravatar before your post will be approved. This can be picture of yourself (preferred) or of your company logo.

Write your post, save it and it will be reviewed and published. Make sure to email us once you have submitted your article.

All guest articles are scheduled for Fridays unless we have a back log of articles. If you have a time sensitive article you want posted A.S.A.P, please contact us for earlier posting consideration.

How to get my post successfully published?

There are certain things we would like you to keep in mind before guest posting for Commit Trader to make this experience even more rewarding, so please try to follow our advice.

Write unique content that you haven’t publish elsewhere.

Article length between is 200 to 1500 words. If your post is over, please create a second post or get approval.

Structure your posts into and paragraphs with subtitles.

Don’t add more than 2 relevant links (no affiliate links)

We do not allow articles about goods or services for products and services for one company. This is considered a form of advertisement. If you would like to do an advertisement article on this site, please contact us for details. Otherwise keep the article general and add at most two links to the company to want to write about (will remove links or not approve article if links are pointed to sites we do not approve of.)

All articles MUST be about SEO, Marketing, Traffic, Design, Social Networking, Making Money Online, Blogging Tips, adobe tutorials, and photography. Anything else will be rejected unless you contact us first and get permission.

Now it’s time for us to work with you!

After saving your article, our editors will review it and edit it if needed to match our blog look and feel. In some cases we will edit the article title as well. Don’t worry about the article keywords, we will give your article the best keywords depending on our experience. Contact us at anytime if you have a question.

Why Should I Guest Post at Commit Trader?

Commit Trader is a blog that teaches readers, about new media. This includes, web design, graphic design, WordPress design and resources, SEO, SEM, online marketing through social media, blogging tips, and technology. We will use our expertise to market your article which will help your site by…

Increasing Traffic to your website

Social Media Promotion

Increase Subscribers

Increase your online presence

Get Quality Links

If you still have any questions about guest posting. Contact us with the Subject as “Guest Post”

NOTE: Commit Trader has full rights to remove your Images, credits, links from the article with no further notice as a result of any violation to guest posting terms. We may also add affiliate links to your articles. Please give use 24 to 48 hours to respond to any guest writing request or to approve an article/update an existing one.

NOTE 2: With the new guidelines with Google SEO rules that are continuously evolving we at Commit Trader will be more than happy to remove your links in any guest articles you, your writing staff, or outsourced writing team created on your behalf. Please allow 24 to 72 business hours to contact you about your removal request. We will remove them as fast as we can. It may take up to a week to remove. Once removed it could take several weeks for the changes to migrate across the various internet hubs.

Make sure to tell us who you are and why you want the links removed. No name/introductions may not get you a quick response since we will have to research the request and make sure you and your company is asking and not someone else.

Send us links to the pages you are requesting links to be removed and what links need to be removed or changed. Once we remove the links per your request, we will NOT add them back.